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If your passion for tight and shiny things is anything like ours, you’ve probably been dreaming of having a catsuit; yet you cringe at the sight of the cost.  The spirit of “Do IT yourself” settles in and so you start scouring the net in search of a pattern, you might also visit sewing/hobby stores and you might just ask Aunt Jane if she knows how to make one?

Your effort turns up a few generic jumpsuit patterns. Pattern in hand, you return home excited ready to craft your own.  A few hours later you slip into your new creation, and are left with utter disappointed!  The fit is mediocre at best and as you stare in the mirror and can’t help but wonder why your catsuit look’s nothing like the ones you keep seeing?

It’s not your technique, nor is it the tools or the material; the problem lies with the pattern.  Which begs the question; what are you to do?  Top designers do not sell their patterns and pattern making is not an easy endeavor, yet your desire for that stunning catsuit rages on!


Make your own professional catsuits

In an effort to facilitate and provide you with the greatest flexibility in your costume crafting adventures, we feature THREE different designs in ONE Kit.

Each design will feature minor styling differences, options and seam placement, but the end result will be the same; a beautiful skin tight catsuit  clinging to you every curve as it should.  The kit, will include all you need to make stunning catsuits (here’s hoping that you’ll make more than one).  Not only will it be like the ones you get from those top designers, but it will be better!  Why, because there’s no substitute for pride, and knowing you did it yourself.


A D V A N T A G E S:

· Creative freedom (color, options, fabric)
· Sizing (all patterns include  XS through XL)
· You can re-use the pattern as often as you want
· You can craft catsuits for others
· Cost!!!  It’s definitely cheaper to make your own
· Flexible design (we started with one design, now…many)

Lays Potato chips have a slogan… you can never just have one!   We think they were on to something, as we feel the same way with catsuits…  Everyone  should have a variety of catsuits in their wardrobe ranging from different colors to different styles yet all should be form fitting, tight and shiny! But beyond the obvious, it’s also nice to have slight variations in the seams placement. Theses variations can cause the garment to stretch differently and in turn generate different sensation and that’s a good thing!


Let start with the first design,  the “basic” catsuit.  This pattern is based on a traditional design which features 4 blocks that create the main body structure (It uses side and center seams).  The difference here is that the body blocks are not designed to stretch over your body like those cheap symmetrical store bought pattern you might have found.  Instead, it has all the right curves so that it contours your body and hug’s your silhouette for that perfect fit.  To add to this, the sleeves end in a gauntlet thumb-loop style glove.   Irrelevant of assembly method being sewed or glued.



Next up is the “Princess Cut” pattern.  It’s  an adaptation of the “basic catsuit” with a distinctive swimsuit cut for the torso.  It’s construction is a bit more complicated as it uses various blocks to form the catsuit (uses side, center, chest and a circular thigh seam).  The difference  here is the multi-panel structure allows for an improved fit while simultaneously accentuating your long sleek legs with it’s swimsuit cut.  This pattern also includes attached feet and a multi-panel sleeves ending with a gauntlet thumb-loop design. Again, it’s assembly will favor both sewing or gluing techniques.



The “Back Seam Cut” is all together different from the other two designs.  It’s construction has no visible side seams!  Instead it uses a long seam running that starts from the Cuban heel foot and snakes up over your bum and continues to the collar bone/shoulder center.  You’ll find a V shaped block in front that nicely runs over the breasts in a very strategic manner.  The feet are designed with a multi-block approach to form a traditional “Cuban heel”.   The sleeves also end in a gauntlet thumb-loop design.   This pattern also lends well to both both sewing or gluing techniques.


Did you know?

We bet you didn’t know this, but our research revealed that most store-bought (hobby) sewing patterns are copyrighted in a way that you are not allowed by law to resell the garments you make using the pattern. While in practice this is never enforced by the pattern makers, it nonetheless remains a fact.

Our patterns come with FULL royalty-free commercial production rights. This means you can legally resell the catsuits you make using our patterns, unlike the ones made with hobby patterns.

Flexible designs

So how many ways can you make a catsuit?  Well we’ll show you THREE (3) and if you’re like us… you will most certainly adapt each variation into your own style and who knows what design you might design.    All we ask is that you wear it proudly and show it off as it was meant to be, remember; if you’ve got it, flaunt it !!!

In case you haven’t figured it out by now, we are genuine catsuit lovers! We really want you to succeed in your catsuit making endeavor.  Many might think WE WENT OVERBOARD in our effort to create the absolute best package of catsuit patterns you’ll ever need, as a matter of fact we hope people think that of us  🙂

We purposely designed the patterns featuring 5 standard sizes ranging from extra small to extra large. To add to this, we also included hip, waist and breast location line to easily allow you to  scale or customize the pattern  to your exact size should your body dimension fall outside our size chart.

So there you go, you have absolutely no excuses!  You can start making that catsuit you’ve always dreamed of.  You can make em for your your friends, your parents, your kids, your dog… uh ok, we’re getting carried away here, but we told you;  we love catsuits…


“If you too are a catsuit lover… you need what is right here right now”

You will receive your very own kit of 3 different catsuit styles!

Including royalty-free commercial production rights

Only 89$ – shipping included*

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