Be creative with a set of 3 professional patterns

In an effort to facilitate and provide you with the greatest flexibility in your costume crafting adventures, we feature THREE different designs in ONE Kit.

Each design will feature minor styling differences, options and seam placement, but the end result will be the same:  a beautiful skin tight catsuit clinging to you every curve as it should.

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Ideal for latex, leather, PVC, vinyl, lycra, spandex

A set of patterns featuring 5 standard sizes ranging from extra small to extra large.

Also included: hip, waist and breast location lines to easily allow you to  scale or customize the pattern  to your exact size should your body dimension fall outside the size chart. Ideal for all types of tight,  stretch fabric: latex, leather, PVC, vinyl, lycra, spandex.

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FULL royalty-free commercial production rights

Most store-bought (hobby) sewing patterns are copyrighted in a way that you are not allowed by law to resell the garments you make using the pattern.

The patterns come with FULL royalty-free commercial production rights. This means you can legally resell the catsuits you make using my patterns, unlike the ones made with hobby patterns.

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